Past Projects
Spartans Pick Up Day (2020)
In October, Sustainable Spartans and the Sierra Club coordinated an event in which fellow Spartans picked up trash around their community. The goal of this event was to bring students safely together to make a positive impact on the environment. 
The Vermicomposting Workshop (2020)
In September, Sustainable Spartans invited Laurie Thorp and Jorhie Beadle from MSU's RISE to give an educational workshop on vermicomposting. This interactive workshop provided all of our members with the information needed to start their very own composting bin!

Ford Solar Lights Initiative (2019-2020)
This initiative started in 2019 and was implemented in 2020 after receiving funding from Ford Motor Company. Former S.S. president Alexa Marsh along with several other S.S. members applied for the global grant contest that funded a total of 10 student-led sustainability projects. The organization was able to install 12 solar powered lights that helped to increase safety for students waiting at bus stops as well as help CATA bus drivers to see students waiting at stops.
Bailey Vs. Emmons Hall Dorm Recycling Competition (2019-2020) 
Sustainable Spartans was able to successfully conduct a dorm recycling competition between Bailey and Emmons hall in Brody neighborhood from 2/3/20 to 2/15/20. This competition concluded with Bailey hall recycling the most material during these two weeks. Everyone in Bailey hall received free MSU dairy store ice cream for being environmentally conscious and recycling their waste. 
Sustainable Spartans Thrift Store & Bake Sale (2019)
In 2019, S.S. successfully ran a thrift store on MSU's campus. This fundraising event involved members of the club donating clothes and then selling them for a cheap price in a thrift store fashion.  The thrift store fundraiser also included baked goods for sale such as cookies and muffins. This was a great way to help fund our organization's sustainability projects and we hope to continue this event in the future. 
Conscious College Road Tour (2018-2019)
For the past few years, S.S. has hosted the Conscious College Road Tour when they have visited MSU. The is an event created by an organization called Turning Green. This event focuses on informing students about various sustainability topics and inspires students to make change on their campuses. Michigan State is one of 16 universities that the CCRT visits and Sustainable Spartans has been able to help them host their events here on campus. For more information about what the CCRT is all about, please visit:
Solar Table in South Neighborhood (2015)
In 2015, Sustainable Spartans was able to successfully install a solar table in the South Campus Courtyard on MSU's campus. This solar-powered table allows students to charge their phones and other electronic devices while relaxing outside. Funding for this project was received from MSU sustainability. To read more about this project, please visit:
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Sustainable Spartans