Meet Our 2021-2022 E-board 


This year, our club will be under the leadership of our new president Kevin Hayes! Kevin is an incoming senior majoring in Political Science Pre-Law. He is looking forward to enjoying his final year in person and on campus with his friends. He is also really excited to see what fun events and cool projects the club will pursue this year. 

Vice President

Leading alongside our new president this year is our vice president, Jarrod Griffus! He is an incoming senior majoring in biochemistry and molecular biology who is looking forward to being back on campus, in-person classes, and football games. Jarrod is also looking forward to increasing the membership of Sustainable Spartans.


Meet our new Sustainable Spartans Secretary J.R. Nosal! He is an incoming senior majoring in environmental geosciences with a minor in sustainability. J.R. is looking forward to seeing fellow Spartans in-person after a time of uncertainty due to the COVID-19 pandemic. He will enjoy participating as an executive member of the club, and will enjoy campus life in-person during his final year as a Spartan prior to graduation

Social Media Chair

Meet your new Sustainable Spartans Social Media Chair Autumn Bland! Autumn is an incoming senior majoring in psychology with a minor in cognitive science. She is looking forward to making the most out of her senior year now that we have the opportunity to be back in person and on campus.

Student Engagement Coordinator

Meet our new Student Engagement Coordinator Jack Moreland! Jack is an incoming sophomore majoring in journalism. He is looking forward to in-person classes and getting to meet a lot of people on campus. He is also excited to finally be able to meet the other Sustainable Spartans in person!

Director of Events

Meet our new Director of Events Jay Singh! Jay is an incoming senior majoring in economics. He is looking forward to finally getting back on campus this year and starting to get the old college experience back and to attend football games. 

Project Manager

Meet one of our new Project Managers Lauren Kim! Lauren is an incoming senior majoring in supply chain management with a minor in environmental and sustainable studies. She is looking forward to going back in person and being able to meet new people again!

Project Manager

Meet one of our new Project Managers Ben Adams! Ben is an incoming sophomore majoring in environmental engineering with a minor in environmental studies and sustainability. He is looking forward to meeting Sustainable Spartans in person and to playing in the band at football games!

Sustainable Spartans